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Should You Have Traditional Long Term Care Insurance?

If you listen to all the insurance company hype and most media sources, you are told long term care insurance is the best choice for covering the potentially staggering costs. Even if you are not well endowed financially, long term care insurance could be the wrong choice.

There are six different strategies for covering long term care costs.

Should the strategy you decide on include your desires for any family inheritance or charity in addition to covering the need? Depending on your answer, your assets, income base, and the types of assets you own, or could own, help determine which strategy is best. We provide the practical options, and you decide what solution feels most comfortable.

The typical strategy of purchasing a traditional Long Term Care policy, to cover the potential unknown costs may end up being the more expensive solution.

Our LTC analysis could save you tens of thousands or even a hundred thousand dollars while completely covering the future need. This may sound amazing to some, but that is what our fact-based analysis does. 

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